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Kday climb'n to the feed zone
If you want to know who Stan Crane is… go here. Otherwise, read on. I had 6 feeds (handing out water bottles during each lap. the rider throws his empty bottle off and I hand him a cold, full bottle while he is still riding) it was a little hecktec but we survived. I think my limit should be 5 so if you want a feed you better register with my new system early in the AM on race day. I came up with a VERY AWESOME idea to orgainize the feeds because we got a little mixed up at this race. RK got MK’s bottle… MK got Saffell’s bottle… Saffell got RK’s bottle… Primetime got his own and BZ got his own and of coarse Kday got his own. I will reveal my new system at a later time but just be advised that it is ideal.

You can’t wonder why I get bottles and racer’s mixed up. The all look alike when they’re in the Spandy’s (spandex worn during a bike ride/race… not to be worn for more than 15 minutes post race or else you will be made fun of… most likely by me).

These are a few of the empty bottles thrown off during the feed

To get to the good stuff. Sager was about 10 minutes off the front from the get-go so he was not one to worry about, although he makes a great feed zone assistant…. once he passes I know that I have to get the bottles ready. BPerry had nothing on Sager (keep in mind that BP raced 110 miles road on Sat and rocked the 1st place) and Spanring was making up time on each lap. Primetime just missed the podium and took 4th but I must say that his spandy’s were loose fitting as he is dwindling down to race weight again. BZ had a DNF (do not finish…. in other words, Do Not Freaking talk to me about why I stopped peddeling my bike) per his busted up thumb. Kday took 7th and was pretty happy about how he performed during the race.

As for it being my first race of the season and my first feed as well it pretty much sucked cuz I couldn’t keep the bottles straight but I am just warming up. Unfortunatley I won’t be available for feeds next weekend at Sundance as I am actually riding MY bike for once. K will be doing the feeds at the “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Coming up…. Who’s Who? and still working on the Terminology page.


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Don’t forget to stop by and say hello at the registration table, I will happily check you in and provide you with a number plate and a bag of goodies. I love registration at the races because I get to see everyone and wish them good luck. I used to enjoy the “time table” behind the start/finish line, where all the results are recorded but I missed out on all the fun of the race. You know….. the part where I hike like 10 miles in dirt to get to a spot with NO shade and nowhere to sit without ants biting your legs and then I sit around for like 3 or so hours just to see K ride past for about 15 sec. ITS THE BEST!!! NO REALLY….. I LOVE IT! Ok it’s not THAT bad. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. It’s my chance to live vicariously through K as a skilled athelete.
Hope to see you at the race! for more info check out the Intermountain Cup link to the right>>>

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I rode my bike 17 miles today with a head-wind for the first 8 miles. It was awesome. I know that compared to K’s races and training rides, 17 miles is like a “warm-up” for most people. But it felt good and it’s been a year since I’ve been in the saddle and I have to be ready for the 38 miles of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Links coming soon. I am too tired to keep typing. peace out!

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K didn’t race this weekend and so I am afraid I don’t have much to write about. Usually when he doesn’t race I still overhear the phone calls to all his buddies and the chatter of who blew up…. who got a good start…. who flatted… who podiumed. Anyway K is finally supposed to get a bike to ride this week so hopefully we will be at the Draper race on Mon. Gosh I can’t wait….

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I don’t know who, if anyone is reading this site yet but if you are… feel free to lend your comments and assvice as you wish. Especially once we start following K in the race series this summer. So far he hasn’t raced and he just decided not to race at Soldier Hollow this weekend but I am sure there will be some amusing stories to come.


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I think K would absolutely disagree with me on this one as being one of the best races… Sand-point Idaho 2003. Why was this a great race… after all K didn’t even make it 10 minutes into the first lap before DNFing? Because K learned a very important lesson at this race “S Day is always right.” It went a little like this…

We drove a bazillion hours to get to the race…

K day pre-rides the course the evening before the race….

He gets a flat tire…

He tells me he wants to just fix it with some SHOE-GOOO, seriously, Shoe-goo.

We are out in front of the hotel working on the bike surrounded by about 20 other racers with their spare parts working on their bikes. I repeatedly tell K that he should just ask one of the other racers for a new tube or go to the bike shop in the AM and get the parts he needs to repair the bike properly…

K doesn’t listen to me…

Race day Cid and I are at the feed zone after the start waiting for K to make his first lap and I notice someone walking back down the trail to the FZ…

It’s K… His tire didn’t hold and it blew out…

We drive a bazillion miles back home while not speaking to each other because I KNEW I WAS RIGHT and so did K.

That is why I am the new K day racing team manager… because I am always right:0)

P.S that race was great because Primetime was handing out dollar bills on the coarse to the racers…we enjoy his bizarrness.

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Another one to go down in the books as one of the Worst races ever… my first official bottle feed without the supervision of K’s dad. 5-Mile Pass 2002. If you have been so lucky as to meet K’s dad, Cid, you would know that he is a little “intense” at the races. He is usually the loudest one to cheer on riders (of coarse it’s after he asks me the names of the rider to cheer for,) but he is also the one who took me on as an apprentice to learn the ropes of bike race support. To this day when Cid is at a race you will notice me standing back and letting “the man” do the feed.

After 2 years of dating K it was my turn to take a feed alone. K’s dad wasn’t at the race and I was left alone to set up the bottles and do the feed. The problem? I was also in charge of the “water table” that hands out small cups of water to the racers who don’t have a feed. K started the race after stashing our cooler in the bushes at the feed zone and I was supposed to get there and prep the bottles for hand-off. I got to the feed zone just in time for the pro riders to start their second lap and I looked down the dirt path to saw K climbing his way up to me. I thought I was so prepared as I had a small paper Gatorade cup ready to hand him as he approached. K started yelling “where’s my bottle!!!???” and I started to panic! I had forgotten to get the water-bottles from the cooler that was stashed away in the bushes! I kept telling K “Keep going it’s OK!” We hollered back and forth while he got off his bike in the middle of the climb to rummage through the weeds for the cooler. He swiped a bottle finally and took off for lap #2. All I could say was “I’m sorry” during the lap 3 and 4 feeds. On the way home I begged K not to tell his dad what happened because I knew that I would never be trusted with a water bottle again.

Most of my feeds since then have been pretty uneventful until…

Norba National at Deer Valley 2006. I was assigned to feed 6 riders. I thought I could handle it until the racers started lapping really close together. The feed zone at the national race was really crowded and completely chaotic as the racers passed through. It went down like this…..

I was in position with two bottles; 1 for BZ and 1 for Boffelli. I spotted BZ on the climb into the feed zone and he was right on the rear wheel of the racer in front of him. Eye contact was made (important during a feed so you know that the racer sees his bottle and knows your there) and my arm was outstretched with the bottle. The idiot in front of BZ took his bottle right out of my hands! I don’t really remember details after that point but BZ rear-ended the dude in front of him and had to clip out of his pedals and stop in the middle of the climb. I tried to run after him and catch up to get him another bottle but the “official” yelled at me. (Rule: you can’t take more than three steps with a rider during a National Race feed.) I threw out a few cuss words at him then started crying again. In the midst of all the confusion Boffelli rode by and didn’t get a bottle either. It was not good to eff-up a feed at a national series race but luckily BZ and Boffelli were quick to forgive me and didn’t hold a grudge. Although neither of them have asked me to feed them since that race.

This is the jerk that was on a power-trip… we hate him.

The official from the Norba series that yelled at me.

COMING UP… Best race stories.


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