I think K would absolutely disagree with me on this one as being one of the best races… Sand-point Idaho 2003. Why was this a great race… after all K didn’t even make it 10 minutes into the first lap before DNFing? Because K learned a very important lesson at this race “S Day is always right.” It went a little like this…

We drove a bazillion hours to get to the race…

K day pre-rides the course the evening before the race….

He gets a flat tire…

He tells me he wants to just fix it with some SHOE-GOOO, seriously, Shoe-goo.

We are out in front of the hotel working on the bike surrounded by about 20 other racers with their spare parts working on their bikes. I repeatedly tell K that he should just ask one of the other racers for a new tube or go to the bike shop in the AM and get the parts he needs to repair the bike properly…

K doesn’t listen to me…

Race day Cid and I are at the feed zone after the start waiting for K to make his first lap and I notice someone walking back down the trail to the FZ…

It’s K… His tire didn’t hold and it blew out…

We drive a bazillion miles back home while not speaking to each other because I KNEW I WAS RIGHT and so did K.

That is why I am the new K day racing team manager… because I am always right:0)

P.S that race was great because Primetime was handing out dollar bills on the coarse to the racers…we enjoy his bizarrness.


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