Don’t forget to stop by and say hello at the registration table, I will happily check you in and provide you with a number plate and a bag of goodies. I love registration at the races because I get to see everyone and wish them good luck. I used to enjoy the “time table” behind the start/finish line, where all the results are recorded but I missed out on all the fun of the race. You know….. the part where I hike like 10 miles in dirt to get to a spot with NO shade and nowhere to sit without ants biting your legs and then I sit around for like 3 or so hours just to see K ride past for about 15 sec. ITS THE BEST!!! NO REALLY….. I LOVE IT! Ok it’s not THAT bad. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. It’s my chance to live vicariously through K as a skilled athelete.
Hope to see you at the race! for more info check out the Intermountain Cup link to the right>>>


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