Kday climb'n to the feed zone
If you want to know who Stan Crane is… go here. Otherwise, read on. I had 6 feeds (handing out water bottles during each lap. the rider throws his empty bottle off and I hand him a cold, full bottle while he is still riding) it was a little hecktec but we survived. I think my limit should be 5 so if you want a feed you better register with my new system early in the AM on race day. I came up with a VERY AWESOME idea to orgainize the feeds because we got a little mixed up at this race. RK got MK’s bottle… MK got Saffell’s bottle… Saffell got RK’s bottle… Primetime got his own and BZ got his own and of coarse Kday got his own. I will reveal my new system at a later time but just be advised that it is ideal.

You can’t wonder why I get bottles and racer’s mixed up. The all look alike when they’re in the Spandy’s (spandex worn during a bike ride/race… not to be worn for more than 15 minutes post race or else you will be made fun of… most likely by me).

These are a few of the empty bottles thrown off during the feed

To get to the good stuff. Sager was about 10 minutes off the front from the get-go so he was not one to worry about, although he makes a great feed zone assistant…. once he passes I know that I have to get the bottles ready. BPerry had nothing on Sager (keep in mind that BP raced 110 miles road on Sat and rocked the 1st place) and Spanring was making up time on each lap. Primetime just missed the podium and took 4th but I must say that his spandy’s were loose fitting as he is dwindling down to race weight again. BZ had a DNF (do not finish…. in other words, Do Not Freaking talk to me about why I stopped peddeling my bike) per his busted up thumb. Kday took 7th and was pretty happy about how he performed during the race.

As for it being my first race of the season and my first feed as well it pretty much sucked cuz I couldn’t keep the bottles straight but I am just warming up. Unfortunatley I won’t be available for feeds next weekend at Sundance as I am actually riding MY bike for once. K will be doing the feeds at the “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Coming up…. Who’s Who? and still working on the Terminology page.


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