It’s time to “catch-up” on the race scene as well as dish out some “ketchup” on the burgers from the 4th.  I have been a little out of commission for a few weeks, sorry about that.  Heres a recap:


It ceases to amaze me that Norba can get away with being so unorganized- example: people like Bart Gillespie don’t even get called up to the start line.  K usually gets called up near the back because he only races a few nationals per year, but Bart should have been right up there.   They also included Chopper in the race results ahead of K after he DNF’d and walked his bike down the last lap, it’s no wonder Bart and Sager had no idea about their drug tests a last year.  In my opinion it’s no wonder that there are no spectators, no cash, and no tv coverage on mountain biking because Norba is so messed up.  It takes a lot to put on a race but we pay them out the butt to set up a good venue and do their jobs correctly.  It is THEIR job to have a sign posted before the start of the race for who needs doping control and how hard would it be to have an official waiting at the exit gate of the finish area to tag you and walk  you to the room where  you pee in a cup!  I never see any advertisements for this race series- call the local news team a week before the race arrives in their town and have them make an announcement.  If there were more spectators there would be more interest in MTBing and maybe more cash reward for the guys who bust their butts every weekend to win the race.  Would it kill them to bring a little more competition into the mix by throwing in a few “wild cards” like they do in other sports?  A couple of hours before line-up post three names who drew a wild card and they get to line up with the big boys and start up in the front of the 100+ pack.  Someone might be able to win the race other than K-bomb or JHK if they had a little competition in-front of the dust cloud that’s left on the riders in the back.   OK- I WILL HOP OFF THE SOAP BOX NOW.  Norba is a joke.

Back to the race.  K did well, in my opinion he looked strong during each lap and was hangen on with a good pack.  He finished 41st which was disappointing to him, but the rest of the family was proud.  You know the old saying “ride till ya yack”

K yacked on the way to Barts BBQ.  I felt bad that I had shown more interest in retrieving a good picture for the blog- rather than getting him a towel to wipe his mouth off.  I guess that’s the way you have to do it in the life of blogging.

Kashi was completely worn out by the end of the day so he found a little shade spot and plopped down for a nap.

After the race we were off the 2nd annual BBQ at the Gillespies where Rosie always throws down a great party.  This is Barts secret rocket in his backyard– I think it has something to do with how fast he can go on a bike.

Comming soon… really I promise this time.  STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AT SOLITUDE.


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