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I had this rad post about how fabulous it is to be back on the tennis courts. Then wordpress did some maintenance and deleted my post. Lame. I will write about it tomorrow after playing tennis, that way it will be just as inspirational as the first one.


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I got on my bike 1 time this week with all the intention to get back on it the very next day.  Then it got hot outside again and I couldn’t bring myself to sqeeze into my spandy’s.  But I really need to get my butt in gear for the Moab Century in 3 weeks.  I am only doing the 42 mile portion with K’s sister, while K and Cid ride the full century… idiots:0)  My goals:

October 2007: Complete moab 42 miles in ❤ hours

Spring 2008: Complete 70+ miles in the Little Red Riding Hood century

Summer 2008: Complete full 111 of the ULCER!!!

P.S I started playing tennis yet once again and this time I am actually working out with a coach to get my rear back into shape.  I plan to train long enough to get myself onto a 4.0 league and start playing weekly matches.

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