26 not 24


I will be spending my 26th birthday at home this year instead of in the mud at 24 hrs of moab. YAAAAY! I told K he was welcome to go down but that I wanted to do girly stuff for my birthday instead of bike stuff. So HAVE FUN IN THE FREEZING COLD AND RAIN AND MUD AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT’S CRAPPY IN MOAB! (I actually really like this race, just not on my birthday.)

It was easily the hardest I have ever pushed my body. And I loved every second of it…… once it was over! It was really cold and I hadn’t trained for this at all. I was under the impression that the ride was FLAT and easy. Instead it was up the canyon and though beautiful back drop….. a little hilly for my taste. I started off with a nice tail wind and felt fine but I soon dropped off the back of the group and I was going so slow that K couldn’t even slow down enough to ride with me. I leared that flat is a relative term. Flat to me means F.L.A.T. Flat to Kevin means less than a 20% grade climb. I kept a smile on my face and the joke rolling, as to keep my mind off the extreme wetness. K’s sister rode the 50 miles with me and I kept her laughing, especially when we passed the cows on the side of the road and I started freaking out because I thought they were going to CHARGE at me! I almost fell off my bike. Seriously.

I had a blast and even though I was sooo tired and soooo cold at the finish line I couldn’t even muster up the strength to unclip from my pedals, I had a great time and I was proud of myself. (really, I had to ride my bike around in circles until I could unvelcro my shoes and slip my feet out!) I cried a little bit later that night because my legs were cramping so bad and it was pulling on my hips so I couldn’t relax enough to relieve the pain. But honestly I would do it again in a heart beat.

Here are some PICS:


K in moab.


What a view.


Me in RED gettin Dropped!



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2 responses to “26 not 24

  1. Kevin and Shannon

    Shan – 50 miles in Moab – I’m IMPRESSED!! Way to go! Sounds like a lot of work and not much fun… maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten into biking…

    26 years old in just a couple days!! That’s exciting! I wish I were out there to celebrate. I miss you like crazy and love you tons!!

  2. Kevin and Shannon

    PS – you look totally hot in the picture of you and KDay.

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