The tennis court that is…
I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get my fat butt back out onto the tennis court. I have a lot of theories but it’s time to throw the theories away and just live my passion. Tennis for me is like oxygen and I have been depriving myself of that sweet, perfect breath for about 7 years. I started playing a little last year and then I chickened out. But this year I started working out with a local coach and I hooked up with some girls from highschool that still play. I have been playing at Lagoon’s indoor courts and having the time of my life.
Tennis is what kept me from doing stupid stuff in highschool, don’t get me wrong, I did lot’s of stupid things. But it kept me from smoking and drinking among other things. It helped me keep my grades up so I could stay on the team, and it’s the only reason I wanted to go to college. I didn’t care what degree I got, as long as a tennis scholarship came along with it.
So for me to be back on the court, even though I am sooooooo out of shape and my technique needs help, I am finally breathing sweet life back into my soul. I love tennis, I need tennis, I live tennis. I have never been happier than when I am acing my opponent.



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2 responses to “COURT IS IN SESSION

  1. Jodi Sparks

    Hey…good for you. I’m glad you’ve gotten back into something you love so much. Hope all is well, don’t expect too much from us for Halloween…we haven’t been nearly as excited without all of our friends around. We missed the box game…I’m sure you guys had a good time once again!

  2. S Taylor

    Shan – I’m so glad your getting back into tennis. I remember when we played that one night by your parents’ house – you were awesome!! Have you joined a league (is that what they call it in tennis?). I’d love to see you play when we come out for Christmas if that’s a possibility. Keep it up girlfriend!!
    PS – PLEASE take pictures of the pumpkins you guys carve for Halloween. I am really going to miss being there and hanging out with you at Kevin’s parents’ house. It’s become a Shannon/Kevin Halloween tradition.

    Love ya!

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