Sorry about the last few post topics.  Because it’s not cycling season right now I get a little off topic and since most people who read this blog are men… I know it freaks them out when a bike blog gets all touchy feely.  So back to cycling and tennis news. 

Out of the Comfort Zone:
I think the best lesson I learned in 07 was that it is scary as hell to face your discomforting fears in sports however, extremely rewarding.  Last year I donned the spandy’s and rode my bike in 3 century events.  I also started playing tennis and working out with a coach again despite my severely out of shape body and lack of skills.  I was never so proud of myself as I was last summer.  
So what will 08 hold?  Hopefully, a full century around mid summer and joining a 4.0 tennis league.  

Step one… I am going to a 3.5 tennis workout at Coach Mikes Tennis Academy in SLC tomorrow night.  Why is this so scary for an ex-NCAA tennis player?
A) I am still too fat to fit into any “tennis clothes” (so this is like showing up at a bike race as an expert in sweat shorts and a t-shirt on a really old bike)  
B) It has been so long since my last tennis workout and there is quite a learning curve to the whole process.  Certain drills require an increased knowledge of the way the coach runs the drill.  
I am sure I am freaking out for no reason, and really these reasons are not anything that should keep me from going.  But if I can’t express my fears here… then this blog wouldn’t be honest.  It has been a long time since I have been the kind of athlete that can casually walk into a tournament or even onto a tennis court with confidence that I won’t be made into a complete fool.  I think the majority of the Pro cyclists feel pretty confident at any ICUP event.  But the FIRST time you ever raced a Pro Norba National…. that’s how I feel every time I walk onto the court. ….. SO WORTH IT!


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