I know I said I was only going to post about cycling, skiing and tennis.  But there is one more thing…  Kday and I have started the Adoption process.  You might as well consider us “Paper Pregnant.”  I will let you contact me if you care to discuss it or anything, otherwise I’ll get back to the allowable topics of posts :0) 

Tennis was awesome!  I felt like a total fool when I realized that the 3.5 workout was “mixed” meaning men and women.  I just tried to stay off center court and remind myself that nobody knows my past or my name, so what does it matter if I look like a fool.
I made a few discoveries:
1: middle age men play tennis like they have something to prove to the world.  We all know that you have great big muscles and like to hit the ball hard, however, it doesn’t mean anything if the ball never goes in!

2: Most insecure middle aged men are the same in every sport.  Cycling: they are the first one’s off the line and hauling butt in their big ring up the first climb past all the spectators and as soon as they round the corner out of sight they blow up and lose the race.  Tennis: swearing and throwing your racket on the ground because you got aced, loses the match.   

3: men hate it when the fat girl shows up and casually kicks their trash. 

So here’s to all the men at my 3.5 workout,  ” Don’t worry, your manhood is not compromised by my ability to beat you in tennis. I am just out here having fun. It’s not the US Open, it’s not even a real tennis competition.  You paid $15 to be here and have someone hit a bunch of tennis balls at you so you could sweat a little.  Chill out and have a little fun already.”  

Did I mention…. I love tennis!



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2 responses to “ONE MORE THING…

  1. MHuff

    Shannon you rock!!! I love your attitude. It is the same thing in soccer. Guys cant stand it when a skinny little girl pushes them flat on their butt and then kicks their trash!

  2. Shannon! I am so excited for you! YEAH!!!! That is what I am talking about. Shan, whatever little one that comes to your family is going to be the luckiest kid in the world. You are the best We miss you guys so much! Hows our house? Is everything okay?…GRRRR!!!! I miss It

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