I’m still playing tennis every Monday.  Im down close to 18 lbs now and I have been begging Kday to teach me how to ride rollers.  I came up with the cold and flu this last week so I haven’t hit the ground rollin yet but there are sure to be some new skid marks on our floors by the end of next week.  Wish me luck and no broken bones!  


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One response to “THE NEW ROLL IN MY DIET

  1. Shanni! You are so awesome. I miss you like crazy! Just ask Jack, I tell him everyday. How are things? How is the adoption process coming? What is the time scale? I am so excited for you! Conrgats!!!!!! Sorry I really can’t put enough Exclamation marks in here I am trying to control myself and not use them all over, that is how stinkin excited I am. So right, England…..:(:(:( I am so missing home…MY HOME that some wierd people live in. I don’t even know that much about them. Do you? Are they nice? I am sorry I am writing you a novel, but please respond to me I need my shannon!

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