I attempted to ride up Snow Canyon, after a long ace 3 mile climb I got pissed at how slow and tired I was and headed back to the car.  I was really hoping to go out for an easy flat road ride to assess my fitness level (low, very low, don’t even try cuz your so out of shape low) and somehow I ended up at the mouth of Snow Canyon and decided to quit making excuses and get on the bike.  Something is better than nothing I guess.  Meanwhile the real cyclists; Kday, BZ, Saffel, Shannon Ty, and Jonny all went for a long mountain bike ride.  The original plan was to ride Bear Claw Poppy but nasty mud interfered and they ended up riding the race course and some other “really cool trail,” in the words of Kday himself.  After my ride (if you could even call it that) I came back to the house, which is the ideal version of my dream home.  I picked up my current read Eat Pray Love plunked down next to the dog on a hammock and settled in for a good read and warm nap.  It was close to a perfect day.  A nice fruit and mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette dinner at none other than the Pizza Factory followed. Great company and lively conversation topped of the meal.   The stimulating conversation was continued back at the house where we met up with the Boffelli’s and their dog Gordon.  Following suit of a typical nite spent with cyclists, the night ended young and we all sacked out around 10pm.

For those of you who are only reading to hear about Kashi’s day, you will be delighted to hear that it was as close to perfect as mine was.  An early morning walk with Kday was then followed by a day of swimming and sun bathing with two other Golden Retrievers.  A nap on the hammock with mom before Gordon showed up for a night of fun.

On the itinerary today, Sacrament Service, French toast, hike with the dogs and another nap on the hammock basking in the sun.


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  1. shan, you sound like you are living the ‘life of luxury’ right now. ah, your such a babe, hey congrats on your weight loss that is so awesome!

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