I suck

I suck at Blogging and our Internet hasn’t been working…. lame, I know.  But I am 23 lbs down and 50 to Go!!!!  I have been working so hard at losing weight and running 4 miles each morning that I don’t have much time to blog.  Thanks for still reading every now and then!  It’s much appreciated.


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  1. Andrea Wilson

    You are awesome! Four miles a day!? I can’t even do one these days. You look great (as you always do) and I miss hangin out with you guys. We love to be with ya. Hey, let’s do dinner or something. I really hate that we don’t live right around the corner anymore and can honk when we drive by. How’s the adopting process coming? We sure wish the best for you guys and know that things will work out awesome – it just takes time sometimes. Hey you guys keep up the racing! (And do some for me too.) I’ll catch up with ya next year and we will do one together, Shannon. Love ya, Annie

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