Type I: The “Natural,” the person who has every ounce of raw talent and amazing skill for the sport.  
Type II: The “Heart,” the person with little natural talent but a big heart for the sport and the will power to never give up.  

I have always been Type II, especially in tennis.  I have vivid memories of my coach telling me, “you’ll have to work twice as hard as anyone else on these courts.”  Or hearing him discuss my level of play with other coaches, ” she’s got zero natural ability, and she is an OK player, but she’ll never go far in the sport.”  When I played tennis I was always the one to come in second place and I was well aware of the saying “second place is the first loser.”  My athletic self esteem was always at a low and dropped even lower when I quit tennis.  

Attending this new tennis workout has pumped my esteem up a little into believing that maybe there is a Type I 1/2.  My new coach, Zoran tells me what beautiful strokes I have and comments on my natural skill and mind for the game.  He and the other players ooh and aah about my game each week and I’m trying to believe them.  After 7 years of telling myself that I  will never meet my tennis goals and I will never measure up to my opponent, I am learning about confidence in myself.  I have never been complimented on my game until now and it feels very un-natural, but nice.  

No matter what sport you play, there will always be the type of athlete that can blow the competition away with only exerting 50% of the effort.  And there is always the one who has a heart of glory and will never taste the sweetness of success in their sport.  Which ever category you fall under doesn’t matter.  Your love or talent for the sport matters and if you day dream about winning and playing the perfect game… don’t ever listen to what someone say about your skill. Your heart speaks louder than human words and that is what makes you A NATURAL.  



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3 responses to “2 TYPES OF ATHELETES

  1. Jodi

    sounds like everything is awesome! I love to see people reach their goals. I’ve always known I could never be better than a type II athlete, but I’m not very good at keeping my heart and will power- so good for you. It’s not an easy thing to do.

  2. Well said Shannon. I am really impressed. It’s amazing how when we are young or at any age for that matter how much words can do to a person. It makes you really appreciate the ‘good teachers’ who look at what ability you do have and go off of that, instead of looking at what you don’t. Way to go Shan.

  3. Huffs

    Coming from an athletes perspective… I think heart is ten times more important than “natural talent.” I ten times rather be on a team with heart than natural talent and an ego. Even if you don’t win… you see progress each step. Nice job Shannon. You are my hero!

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