I still need to do a little more research on this topic before I open my big fat mouth that always gets me into trouble.  However, I recently was informed about some changes to the I-cup pay out for the Pro category and I am NOT very excited about it.  I am positive that nobody else is excited about it either but like I said, my big mouth gets me into trouble.

 SO I will try to gather some info and then present an objective review of these changes.   

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO/ OPINION/ OR INPUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT shandogdeedo@hotmail.com (seriously cyclists…. your like the worst blog commentators EVER! It’s not that scary to push the comment button, your computer will not self destruct :0))


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One response to “….MR ED…. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

  1. Shan! I have no clue what you are talking about. But I just thought I would comment and tell you how much I miss you and livin in K-Ville. 😦 By the way we hardly ever get comments either I know people look but they never comment! Oh, well

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