I am passing on the race tomorrow because I have a brain.  Sorry bikers but this race is miserable to spectate and to get to.  In all honesty, I have a tennis match to attend.  I will miss getting the latest gossip from the Feed Zone and catching up with all my lovely friends, otherwise known as “the better halves.”  Ladies, enjoy the dust and the drive out to the race, riders, enjoy the view of a spandex butt in front of you for a few hours.  My next appearance at a FZ will be at Soldier Hollow.  Next week I will be missing Sherwood Hills because I am running The Race for the Cure 5K.  

S-day  minus 40 lbs. 


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One response to “5 MILE (I) PASS

  1. car

    shan! it was so fun to hang out like old times in the feed zone! we will have to get together and go to a movie or something soon. in case i didn’t let you know at the race, i am seriously so proud of you…you look amazing! you are awesome. keep doing whatever you’re doing. AMAZING. love your face.

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