Quick and Dirty: Kday blew up his derailleur during his warm up lap, then the borrowed bike flatted 10 min into lap 1.  DNF


Bart’s little Eva is just about the cutest thing to see in the FZ, along with Jude, and Finnley.  Lots of little mini riders showing their support this weekend.  My list of feeds filled up quickly with Jonny Hintze, Kday, BZ, and Stupidbike.  There was a fairly good showing of Pro’s and of coarse Bart and AG maintained their reign of the top two spots on the podium.  Third place was rounded up by the lucky Chris Holley and Taylor Foss of team KUHL placed fourth.  By the end of the muddy race 14 of the 19 starters finished. The weather was nice, perfectly warm enough to get a tan but not too hot that Kash couldn’t chill in the FZ.  We’ve missed Rosie the last few races since she just added baby #2 to the list of accomplishments.  

I’m out of the FZ at Soldier Hollow while prepping our house for our Adoption Home Study.  MFTFZ will be back with a report at Stan Crane Memorial the week after.  




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  1. Bob

    Thank you for the feed, maybe i actually should of drank from the bottles, instead of just lugging them around.

  2. sarah

    ShAn! I can’t believe we are coming home in 3 days! Its seriously is unreal. I am glad we are still on your speed dial that is awesome. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. sarah

    Shan! I am home! So, I would love to see you guys we don’t have cell phone at the moment so give me yours! I would love to get together I am thinking…A BBQ at your house with your delicious chicken marinade…???hehe

  4. sarah! welcome back to the states. I would love to host a bbq. We are smack dab in the middle of adoption home study, installing a sprinkler system, and a muddy mess… but once we get cleaned up around here we would love it!!! email me and I will give you my phone number:)

  5. Kristin Sharp

    Hey Shannon! It’s Kristin! I am so glad you have a blog so we can keep in touch! I found it on Andreas blog today! We miss you guys so much! The ward too!! Hopefully we’ll be back in the near future! Check us out at

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