Registration was a blast as always and it was good to be back on the scene mingling with the best of the best in MTB racing.  The weather was perfect and company was even better!  Team KUHL had a great showing and really represented this weekend.  Kday had a great 15 minutes at the beginning of lap 1 and held his spot around 5 or 6th for the majority of the race.  I was a little bummed when waiting for the feed after lap 3 prior to starting the 12 and Under lap.  Mitchell, Alex, Bart (the usuals) all rolled by and then a few more, followed by Jonny, Jake, T-Foss and then some.  Where was Kday?  BONKED.  Finished in lucky #11 but with a smile on his face.  Some great things have been happening around us and I don’t think he really cared about his results.  I sucked at checking results in other categories than Pro because I had more important things on my mind.  However, I would like to note that Skid came in 1 second behind 1st place in the Expert Men 19-29.  

 We passed our home evaluation with flying colors (I only allow for 100% perfection or else it’s considered failing in my book) and our adoption profile will be uploaded and available on line in about 10-14 days.  We are so excited.  3 years to get to this point and 6 months of paperwork on top of that.  

I will not be making an appearance at the DV race on 6/7.  I’m totally disappointed in my level of support this year at the I-cups and will have to redeem myself in order to maintain a blog about feed zones:)  

P.S. Skid…. haven’t you been riding long enough to know that you should “never cross the finish line unless you are FINISHING!!!”  Ed was pissed:)  I was smiling…




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4 responses to “SUNDANCE 2008

  1. deannamarie

    Congrats to Kday! I had to read your post like 3 times to understand all the lingo in the 1st paragraph! lol I need to read your terminology page 🙂

    Woo-hoo for finishing your home eval. Wow to 6-months of paperwork?!! Go You!

  2. hey s, congratulations on all the adoption progress! three of our good friends have adopted and there is no place those babies belong but in their families. our prayers our with you!

  3. car

    hey lady…congrats on the 100% passing grade for the house inspection. of course you got a perfect score…your house is always spotless! help me with mine, NOW!!! lol. i am so excited for you guys that the papers will be on the internet so soon. i can’t wait for a sweet little “day bambino”. so perfect. i hear there aren’t any races for a few weeks…so sad! haha. maybe we can get together in slc and rock the sky box like old times. love ya.

  4. Jodi

    Congrats with the home exam. That is awesome. We look forward to hearing more news about the process!

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