I’m taking this moment to describe how nice it’s been to be somewhat “race-less” this season.  Kday and I have made actual improvement on the home improvement projects, finished our Home-Study, gone out on Friday and Saturday night because we don’t have to get as much sleep and K’s not so tired in the PM.  I stopped in at Biker’s Edge on Friday to pick up K’s new road bike and Johnny even mentioned how nice it is to have a sat off here and there.  I must not be as die hard as I originally claimed to be.  Last weekend I played a few hours of tennis and bloodied my feet in my new shoes.  I demo’d a few rackets because my old ones from college are cracked from over-stringing.  All that being said, I actually miss the race scene, the friends I see there, the conversations in the FZ, the fresh air and excitement of the ICUP.  

P.S.  Kday is trying to persuade me that he isn’t going to race NORBA this year.  PLEASE TELL HIM THAT WITH HIS RESULTS AND SITUATION, HE NEEDS TO RACE!  HE JUST NEEDS A LITTLE FIRE LIT UNDER HIM… here’s some matches:)  


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