Sorry folks, no baby news yet.  We have been on “soft hold”  a few times… meaning that our profile (along with 5-6 other couple’s) has been sent home with a birthmother to look at and then narrow down to the couple of choice.  

GOOD NEWS: I have finally reached my 50lb mark.  It has taken one year and a lot of hard work but I finally made it!  I have 20 more lbs to go.  

Kday is creating my new blog for my birthday so arrival date is still set at October 15.



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3 responses to “NO BABY

  1. car

    shan! 50 pounds. you are amazing. i idolize you. congrats. and congrats on the “soft hold!” very cool that your profile is being looked at. love you guys. let’s play. xoxoxo

  2. I guess I better get to work! 528!

  3. Jessica

    you are awesome! I am so excited to see the new blog.

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