24 hours of Moab race prep in progress.  

List of things TO DO:

  • Grocery shop
  • Make creamy chicken noodle soup and pasta salad
  • Buy rain boots that go up to my knees (20-40% rain forecasted)  *I learned my lesson*
  • Pack warm clothes and baby wipes- to maintain some sort of cleanliness
  • Run 3 miles every AM and weight train in PM ( I eat a lot when awake for 24 hours and boredom sets in, so as many calories I can burn prior to Moab will help)
  • Find tarps
  • Purchase a white board for team stats and line up 
  • Find a dog-sitter
  • Find a cat-sitter
  • Get a hotel reservation for Sun night


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2 responses to “24OM

  1. Melissa

    You are always good for a laugh. Have fun this week… and have a good birthday if we don’t see you before then. We are leaving for San Diego on wednesday! Fun!

  2. Hi, you!
    Steve’s uncle did that race, and when I heard that he did I thought of you. Sure enough you guys were there too. How was it?!

    Happy (early) birthday!

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