If you find a word missing please let me know so I can add it to the list of bike slang
TUBE: skinny, smooth rubber hoop that inflates inbetween the wheel and tire.
WHEEL: the rim and spokes…. TIRE not included.
TIRE: NOT to be confused with a wheel! The actual black, knobby rubber object that the TUBE goes into.
RING (ie: big/middle/baby) the round spikey thing that the chain goes around
GRANNY GEAR: the easiest gear, the one I always ride
SADDLE: bike seat, usually the size of a small slice of pizza
FEED ZONE: a designated area to hand off water bottles and such to the riders, or where all the pretty wives sit.
I-CUP: Intermountain cup is the local mountain bike series that includes weekend races all summer long.
FULL SUSPENSION: the big ugly, bulky bikes that bounce up and down whenever you peddle.
HARD TAIL: a real man’s bike. It has front shocks only.
GU/ CLIFF SHOT: sludgy gunk that riders swallow to get a qick boost of carbs and energy.
KICK-STAND: what you won’t find on a bike you pay more than $300 for.


One response to “TERMINOLOGY

  1. I was just reading over your terminology again and couldn’t help but laugh. You’re the best! Thank you for the constant support and willingness to always be there.

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