I finally reached my 30 lb weight loss mark!  It has taken 26 weeks of hard work and I still have 43 lbs to go to get to my goal weight.  I have been playing tennis twice a week, running 3.6 miles 5 times/ week, and Yoga once a week.  I still see a dietitian every Wednesday and she is amazing.  The weight is melting off and she is so great at working through all the emotional garbage and I feel like I have a new loan on life.  

To celebrate, Kday and I are spending a healthy weekend in Moab.  Riding bikes and running in sunny red rock is the best way to continue to feed the fire of happiness that is burning inside my heart. 



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5 responses to “DIRTY THIRTY

  1. Jodi

    so awesome. I’m excited to see everything working out for you.Let’s see some pics!

  2. Shannon, congratulations! That is so awesome. I wish I had your drive, keep it up! Makes you feel so good.

  3. Kelli

    Shannon, that is SO amazing. I need to see you. Maybe I should hook up with your dietitian. Let’s do a “healthy” lunch sometime soon.

  4. We missed seeing you guys at Cholla. The kids are excited to see Kashi now that he’s grown up!

  5. car

    shan! i’m so proud of you! you are so awesome. i can’t wait to see you at the bike races. i haven’t been to one this season…i’m a slacker. don’t worry, i’ll be at the next one, for sure. love ya…xoxoxo

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